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Gujarat is a host to more than 480+ species of birds – residents, passage migrants as well as winter visitors. We have made efforts to photograph, record and list these birds over years. Start your journey in exploring the huge database of birds found in the state of Gujarat, India.

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Feedback from our members which goes a long way for us.
Digant Bhatt

Digant Bhatt

Chartered Accountant

I am a member of Birds of Gujarat and regularly visit the site for any bird related information. Information compiled on each bird is amazing, accurate and exhaustive. The most beautiful part of this site that I am enjoying is the Bird Finder. You can identify any Bird of Gujarat by location, size, beak shape and plumage. The search engine is too fast and you get accurate information.

Dewang Modi

Dewang Modi


I am pretty new to the world of birding, having started only in 2016. It was always a challenge for me to be able to identify a bird. BoG website provided me with a great repository of information to identify the bird correctly and also learn more about its traits and characteristics. BoG has been a constant companion since the time I joined for all my birding activities.

Paritosh Jani

Paritosh Jani

IT Manager

I am thankful to Birds of Gujarat team for launching such a beautiful initiative which brings awareness and promotes wildlife conservation. The website is also nicely designed and acts as a quick reference guide for all levels of birders. The information provided on birds is fresh and unique. I love surfing the site - especially the Bird Finder tool.

Kedar Thanki

Kedar Thanki

Account Manager

First of all, my congratulations to the entire team of BoG for starting this long needed website, which categorize each and every details of the birds habituating / visiting in Gujarat. BoG is a great initiative & a big platform for Birds Watcher fraternity, wherein, we are able to identify and catalogue the Birds. Every enthusiast will make the most use of the Bird Finder tool of BoG, me included. This tool is boon for every bird watcher and will help in understanding the bird in a better way. Once again, Kudos to Team BoG and keep up the good work!!!

Rahil Patwa

Rahil Patwa


The website on Birds of Gujarat was much awaited as it will help to spread more awareness and knowledge about winged inhabitants around us. Kudos to the team to bring this up. The website has amazing details where people can search about birds via family or habitat. Also, it has amazing provision for identifying bird species. It will be a hit with the kids too.

New Additions

Latest additions to the library of our exhaustive database in Birds of Gujarat

White-cheeked Barbet

White-cheeked Barbet is barbet species which is endemic to the forests of Western Ghats and South India but at times has been sighted in Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary and the jungles of Dang in Gujarat. They Read more…

Jungle Owlet

Jungle Owlet is widely found in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In India, these owlet species are distributed in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Read more…

Laggar Falcon

Laggar Falcon is a midsized bird of prey found in southern Asia and in the northern and central parts of the Indian sub-continent. Most commonly found in south-east Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Read more…

Collared Pratincole

The Collared Pratincole is an insectivorous wader and earlier was considered conspecific with the Oriental Pratincole but now it has earned a separate species status. Collared Pratincole have several sighting and photographed records from Gujarat Read more…