Despite the fact that the state of Gujarat in India is rapidly moving towards urbanisation and modernisation, the fact still remains that Gujarat is the dream of an explorer who has the quest for nature and wild life. Gujarat has a varied mix of dry deciduous forests, majestic grasslands, marine ecosystems, wetlands and rich moist deciduous forests. Due to this, today Gujarat is a host to more than 500+ species of birds – resident, passage migrants as well as winter visitors.

With that being said, Gujarat has also seen a big spurt in the young generation adopting to DSLR photography, engaging in nature walks and birding. Gone are those days when they used to spend their idle time in front of a television. They are stepping out.

Birds of Gujarat’s mission is two-fold.

Firstly, we want to provide as much information as possible to birders in Gujarat as well as around the world about all bird species that are found in the state. Data like the Common Name of the bird, Scientifc Family, Field Identification Markings, Size of the bird as well as it’s Wing Span, Mating System, Behaviour, etc. certainly makes birding very interesting. And so, we have developed this first of it’s kind website from Gujarat.

Secondly, by way of this website and our social media groups we are also trying to create a little buzz about bird and ecology conservation in the state. Depleting wetlands, industrialisation and urbanisation is taking away the natural habitats of our Avian friends and if we do not act now, it will be too late. To assist us in this non-profit activity, we seek donations as well as conduct regular workshops which helps us to fund our initiatives.

All those who have assisted us by becoming members or through donations or have participated in our workshops, we say a big thank you. If you have yet to contribute to our cause, we look forward to your support.