Vishal Vasu

Vishal Vasu | Founder

An “IT Professional” by profession and a birder by passion, Vishal Vasu is the founder and visionary behind the Birds of Gujarat project. He invested a great deal of his time in researching the data fields, sorting and classifying taxonomy, as well as structuring the website.

Born in a family which loves nature and pens the same, the love for nature and wildlife was natural for him. He currently concentrates his birding and bird photography efforts to the region of Gujarat, India. He likes to click photographs which depicts the bird in its native habitat and strongly believes that in order to get great photographs of birds, it is first very important to understand the bird. Vishal’s work has won recognition in numerous national and international competitions and his blogs and articles have got multiple mentions too. Wildlife and landscape photography are his favourite genres.

Sanjeev Kapadia

Sanjeev Kapadia | Co-Founder

A businessman by profession, Sanjeev Kapadia is now a corporate soft skill trainer. He is also the co-founder of Birds of Gujarat. He is a dedicated and energetic hobbyist photographer with 3+ year’s of extensive experience in custom and specialized photography.

Competent in capturing high quality images of all genres, he is conversant with different types of photography including Macro, Wildlife and Landscapes. He has an in-depth knowledge of Advanced Photography too. He now mainly focuses on birding and bird photography. He has visited practically all wilderness and jungles along the length and breadth of India with his wife Neeta Kapadia.

Neeta Kapadia is a psychological counselor and a motivational trainer. She is also an eminent corporate trainer and has been taking lectures since past 15 years. She adores birds and nature. Bird watching is her favourite hobby and she always accompanies her husband in all the birding tours and nature trips. She has now grown competent enough to recognize almost all the bird species by name.

Bharat Rughani

Bharat Rughani | Advisor

An ardent bird watcher, Bharat Rughani is the president of Birds Conservation Society of Gujarat (Porbandar Chapter). He is a nature lover and photographer and has organised many Bird Watching Camps while doing nature conservation activities around Porbandar.

He is a life member of World Wild Life Fund India (W.W.F) and a member of Bombay Natural History Society (B.N.H.S).

Dilipsinh Chudasama

Dilipsinh Chudasama | Advisor

Avid birder and a State Level Wildlife Photography Award winner, Dilipsinh Chudasama is an IT Administrator working for a manufacturing company by profession. He has always been in love with birds, wildlife and the natural world for as long as he can remember. He has been trying to concentrate more into birding and bird photography since 2012 and believes that a digital photographer has to be a master of both camera as well as digital editing techniques.

He currently uses a Canon 7D along with Canon 18 – 135mm, Tokina 11 – 16MM (Ultra Wide) and Sigma 150 500MM lens.

Partish Mehta

Partish Mehta | Advisor

Being a nature and wildlife lover, Partish Mehta has always been fascinated by birding and bird photography. The ultimate spark for birding happened after he started nature conservation activities. This go him closer to nature and also increased his interest in bird watching and capturing them with camera. Being a like-minded college buddy of Vishal Vasu, they started bird photography and birding together and since then they have done many field trips.

Vijayendra Desai

Vijayendra Desai | Advisor

By profession, Vijayendra Desai is a professor in an engineering college in Surat. He is also pursuing his doctorate and bird photography has been his hobby since 2012. He has an inclination towards bird identification and loves referring field guides.

His photograph of “Uttrayan Festival” got published in book of Master Chef Vikash Khanna which is priced at 9 lac – probably the most expensive book ever published. He is also a monthly travel columnist with Divya Bhaskar – Surat. His work has also been published in many other publication as well as he has won many photo competitions too.

Pilubhai Sitapara

Pilubhai Sitapara | Advisor

Pilubhai Sitapara resides in Rajkot, Gujarat since 1992. He has completed his engineering and is practicing as consulting civil engineer. He calls himself an amateur wild life photographer but is an expert birder.