Montagu's Harrier

The Montagu’s Harrier is another migratory bird of prey of the harrier family. It is a scarce passage migrant through Gujarat and a winter visitor. The Montagu’s Harrier is a slender harrier, like the Pallid Harrier, but with slightly wider wings and shorter wingtips. Their tails are also long and narrow. Similar to other harriers, the male and female have different plumages. The Montagu’s Harrier can be confused with several species that exist within the same range. The most similar are the Hen Harrier and the Pallid Harrier.

Gujarati Name

પટ્ટી પટ્ટાઈ

Scientific Name

Circus pygargus

Scientific Family


Status in Gujarat

Winter Visitor

IUCN Status

Least Concern

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