Scaly-breasted Munia

Scaly-breasted Munia species of munia is endemic to all of Asia. It is a known bird in pet trade. It is named so because of the prominent scaly design on the breast and stomach. They are also well known as Scaly-breasted Mannikin, Spice Finch, Spice Munia, Spotted Mannikin, Spotted Munia, Nutmeg Finch, Nutmeg Mannikin, Nutmeg Munia or Ricebird.

Gujarati Name

ટપકાંવાળી મુનિયા / ટાલીયું તપશિયુ

Scientific Name

Lonchura punctulata

Scientific Family


Status in Gujarat


IUCN Status

Least Concern

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Categories: Munias