Chestnut-tailed Starling

Chestnut-tailed Starling is a widespread resident of north east India and Bhutan. It is also found in the hills of south-west India. It is the smallest member of starlings. It is also known as Chestnut-faced Starling, Malabar Starling, Blyth’s Starling, Ashy-headed Starling, Ashy-headed Myna, Grey-headed Starling, Gray-headed Starling, Grey-headed Myna, Gray-headed Myna, Blyth’s White-headed Starling, Blyth’s White-headed Myna, Malabar White-headed Starling and Malabar White-headed Myna.

Gujarati Name

કથ્થાઈ વૈયું , પવાઈ મેના

Scientific Name

Sturnia malabarica

Scientific Family


Status in Gujarat

Passage Migrant

IUCN Status

Least Concern

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